About OpenUOW

 Welcome to OpenUOW. We're offering 4 fully open, online and free short courses (MOOCs), developing Open Education Resources (OERs), and investigating how to up-cycle these into courses to provide access to learning to our community. We've partnered with international MOOC platform FutureLearn, and are planning a series of MOOCs to promote UOW's research strengths. We're developing a repository of Creative Commons Licences (ie shareable) video resources via our OpenUOW Youtube channel. And we're using this experience to invigorate our online learning delivery for our enrolled students.

 Our foundation partner role with the Open Education Resource Universitas (OERu) sees us join a high-profile international consortium of eLearning leaders – we're all contributing to the world's first fully open and online entire degree. We are part of a global movement that aims to significantly increase participation in education, and make it available no matter where you live and work. That's what we call - Open Education.